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Introduction and Instruction


You see - It's really easy!

There's Structure and there's Function - and they're both simple, two-dimensional concepts.

Look here :


There are seven Rays that come in from above:



< And there are seven Levels of Consciousness.

The dense, physical plane is at the bottom - and the most expanded, spiritual level is at the top.


When the vertical columns are put together with the horizontal rows, we get a grid made up of 49 squares:

That's why it's called 7x7
- Each square is an Ashram -

.That's it!

It doesn't get any easier than that!

Now, if you want the details, the fine print, here's a little further explanation:

There are different planes of reality in the universe, such as the physical plane, the astral plane, etc. There are a total of seven major planes of existence. Each of these planes is further divided into seven sub-planes, for a total of 49 distinct levels of consciousness.

Remember to keep one important point in mind: Although we think of an "ashram" as a place or a building, an ashram is really the energetic influence of a master - his or her aura. This is a concept that is often overlooked.

Various (and often confusing) naming systems are used in metaphysical literature by different schools of thought. Some are completely wrong in their assignment of colors and the names of certain Masters - this is because they are playing an intellectual game and are not using direct observation (clairvoyance) for obtaining their information.

Here are the seven planes of existence, from the highest to the lowest:

The seven Rays are energy streams that cut a vertical swathe through the seven horizontal planes. The Rays provide an explanation of purpose from a psychological perspective.

These two lines of force (the planes and the rays), form the totality of our solar system and influence all manifestation within the cosmos.


Now, you have two ways to navigate through these 49 Ashrams:

(1) You can simply go to the bottom of each page and click the button.

This is just like reading a book -
I recommend that you do it this way the first time through.

(2) Or, you can go to the "49-Grid" Matrix (found on the next page) and click on any square - and you will be instantly transported to that Ashram, or to that "concept" if you click anywhere in the left column or the top row.

Once you are inside any Ashram, you can simply scroll up or down that Column -
or you can click on one of these embedded links

to go horizontally left or right along the row -

or just click to return to the "49-Grid" Index.


So you see - It's really easy!

Try not to get lost in there.

You can always use your browser's "back" button - or - simply return anytime to the Grid Page.