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Do What Thou Wilt
Council 1
The First Ray of Will and Power
The Whole of the Law


The Will concept is fairly simple. You come from infinity into time-space with a unique job description already engraved on your spiritual aura. Everything you are to become, your destiny, is prescribed upon this rarified energy field.

Of course, as soon as you are born, you get lost in the external, illusionary, holographic, space-time matrix. Until, finally, one day, you suspect that something is missing and you have to ask yourself, "Who am I?" ("and What am I supposed to be doing?")

Then, Synchronicity and the Attractive Principle work together to put you into a situation where your original Blueprint can be consciously developed to its maximum potential.

Getting back to your original job description is called "Accomplishing the Great Work."
Performing that job description is called, "Doing God's Will."
These are essentially both the same thing.

Life is a game of Virtual Reality.
In every adventure, you win or loose in the game of Higher Consciousness.

There are no other stakes; there is no other Game.


Council number 1 is governed by the first ray of Will and Power. This is a creative ray, thus its initial effect is destructive - for the old forms must first be cleared away before new structures may arise.

This ray displays the colors red, white and blue as they descend through the causal aura onto the crown of the head in those who incarnate under its influence.

These patriotic colors are found in the flags of many nations:

The three colors need to be balanced if one is to avoid fanaticism. For example, too much red (the common imbalance) produces an over-destructive conqueror.

Among individuals, this is a relatively rare manifestation. It appears in many political leaders, conquerors, dictators, and military generals.





The leader of the 1st Council holds the title of Manu, the guardian of the prototype of the human form. At this time, it is said to be held by the Master Morya (El Morya).



..Since government, in almost any form, is set up in order to control its people, this dominant first ray empowers The Establishment, especially the executive branch and the affiliated armed forces.


1.1 The Point . . . Kether

This primary ashram compliments Concept 0.0 - The Void, which is nothing; whereas here, "The Point" is something, although it is not extended in any direction.

< This is the proton in the hydrogen atom, the precursor of the Core Star within the human energy field.

As the primary center of focus for all space-time manifestation and activity upon Earth, the location of this ashram is said to be in the holy city known as Shamballa.

The Point is symbolized by Hadit, the winged globe, who tells us, "In the sphere I am everywhere the center."

Cast away all lesser thoughts and tasks, and return to the primary task.
You have no right but to do your Will!

1.2 Overlord . . .Shiva Nataraj

This is the ashram of The Destroyer of Worlds - He acts so that new forms may arise.

Shiva's dance is the dance of subatomic matter.

The dance manifests the 5 principle phases of eternal energy - creation, destruction, preservation, salvation & illusion.

Shiva, the essence of the warrior prototype, is often symbolized by a Trident.

The cosmic dance of Shiva is Anandatandava, the Dance of Bliss.

In the beginning were roaring horizons, tempestuous winds, turbulent oceans, rocking mountains and moving earth. But, then emerged Shiva - the primal cosmic being, with his little drum. He played on it and danced, and the beats of his drum and the movement of his feet re-cast the wild skies and violent waters. Unruly sounds were set to syllabic discipline. Cosmic disorder was arranged into ordered movement.

Anandatandava was the dance of absolute bliss. After the previous Great Age ended and dissolution became imperative, the Great Shiva destroyed all form, yet remained alone to effect the re-birth of life, as he danced in absolute bliss over the head of dissolution, the demon of darkness, which prevailed after dissolution.

Move graciously through the cycles of change.

One glance of the Eye of Shiva is sufficient to destroy an universe.

1.3 Warlord . . Coup-de-Etat, et cetera

Keynote of the Conqueror. The forceful transition from one political or cultural reality to another.

Typified by Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Re-herakhty) who said, "Let it be first understood that I am a god of War and of Vengeance."


Successful conquerors of historical note include Alexander the Great, Emperor Chin of China, Genghis Khan, Mohammed, Mao Tse-tung, etc:



Unsuccessful conquerors (who nonetheless exerted an influence on historical development ) include Adolph of Austria, Napoleon, Tojo of Japan, etc:


Of course, sometimes other conquering heroes arise from within this same ashram in order to strike a balance:

. . . .


Historical Warlord Groups involved the Knights Templar, the Chinese Triads, the Saracen, the Founding Fathers of The United States, etc.

Sometimes you just have to be aggressive.


1.4 Crown . . .The Boss

The ultimate central figure of authority in an independent, national or tribal, group system.

Central figures are Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, Popes, Chairmen, Chiefs, etc.

Sometimes the central figure is just a figurehead. In that case, simply look around to see who is really the boss!

Historical central figures include King Arthur, George Washington, Solomon, Ramses the Great, King David, Julius Caesar, The Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, etc:

. . .

And let's not forget the ladies:


Central figures are elected, appointed, drafted, successors by birth, etc. Sometimes they first manifest as a Warlord 1.3 in order to get their foot in the door.

Central figures are always subject to being overthrown by a Warlord 1.3, by the people, or by an assassin.

A ruler's life and possessions are not his own.


1.5 Council . . . The Gathering of the Committee

Various councils and the elected or appointed councilors of the Establishment occupy this ashram.

Councils include senates, houses, religions, homeowner associations, special interest groups, unions, advisory boards, gangs, etc.

Councilors include Senators, Representatives, Reverends, Cardinals, Barons, lobbyists, advocates, jurors, and the legal system in general.

Being a mental attribution, this ashram is subject to high-minded altruism as well as shameless corruption.

Special interest without public benefit is the work of the fragmentary underworld of the black lodge.

Look to the greatest good.


1.6 Bureau. . . Paperpushers and Beancounters

The assorted agencies, divisions, bureaus, and boards of the Establishment.

Civil service.

The governmental employee.

The bureaucracy that endures beyond any given elected councilors or politicians.

Bureaus are composed (in seemingly equal numbers) of industrious workers and petty tyrants, both classes being classified as bureaucrats.

A complex, mental-emotional (kama-manas) system of organizing civilization, with a strong anger component due to a tendency to develop illogical processes.

To avoid penalties, complete all required paperwork on time.

1.7 Badge . . . The Enforcer

The individual embodiment of the Establishment's right to rule.

Symbolized by a shield or a star.

The up-front officer-guardians of the Establishment.

The higher aspects of this ashram include any law enforcement agent, investigator, inspector, or individual military person.

The lower, degenerated aspect of this ashram is composed of criminals, including renegade law enforcement agents.

Auspiciously, a neutral harmony without conflict.

.Inauspiciously, a one-on-one confrontation.




The first ray gives rise to Hinduism
whose lingam-like ashrams resemble ancient skyscrapers.

. .
.......................................................................................................................................................... And then there's the modern versions

.Skyscrapers in India.

Architectural . Sub-level . . . .