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Ceremonial Magick
Council 7
The Seventh Ray of Order
Hidden Forces

.Step Up and be Counted!.

This Council is concerned with noble bearing, attention to detail, order, careful methodology, military procedure and spectacular ceremony.

It is unique in relation to the physical world, for the seventh plane of matter is the "bottom line" of the manifestation of man's activities..

.Step Up and be Accountable!



Council number 7 is governed by the seventh ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic.

This ray displays a violet color as it descends through the causal aura onto the crown of the head in those who incarnate under its influence.

Among individuals, this is a common ray. It gives rise to the magician, the musical composer, the architect, the politician and anyone who creates order.

The special qualities of the seventh Ray are nobility and chivalry, both of character and conduct, ordered activity, precision, skill, grace, dignity, great interest in politics, the arts, ceremonial pageantry, magic, the discovery, control and release of the hidden forces of Nature and co-operation with the Intelligences associated with them.

The type of man is the politician (in the true meaning of the word), stage director, producer, pageant master, ritualist, magician, knight, occultist and the Priest in ceremonial Orders.




The leader of the 7th Council is popularly said to be the Count of Saint Germaine.

He was Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania.

The great initiate known as the Comte de St. Germaine was the legitimate son of Franz-Leopold, Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania. He admitted, in 1777, to Prince Karl of Hesse, that he was the son of Prince Ragoczy and that he was reared and educated by the last Duc de Medici.

It is generally supposed that this mysterious adept was born in 1710, but the Countess von Gergy declared that she had seen him during that year in Venice and that he appeared to be between forty-five and fifty years of age at that time. While the church register at Eckernforde contains a record of his death in 1784, it is known that he was seen upon several occasions subsequent to that date, having attended a Masonic conference in 1785 and having been recognized in Venice in 1788. The last historical mention of the Comte de St. Germaine was in 1822, at which time he was embarking for India.

The Count has been variously described as a courtier, adventurer, charlatan, inventor, alchemist, pianist, violinist and amateur composer, but is best known as a recurring figure in the histories of several strands of occultism - particularly those connected to Theosophy and the Arcane School of Alice A. Bailey, where he is referred to as the Master Ragoczy or simply the Master R.

Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet," was asked while in trance if Saint Germaine was present. Cayce's reply was: "When needed."

He has been credited with inspiring the Founding Fathers to sign the United States Declaration of Independence, as well as providing the design of the Great Seal of the United States.

The Count's successor as Chohan of the 7th Ray is indistinct, with wild claims being made everywhere by assorted "channels" and esoteric groups.

We have it on fairly reliable authority (if such a thing might be said to exist in relation to these matters) that the present Chohan of Council 7 is the North American Master P (a subordinate of the Master R), whose initial "P" is not related to his true name, and whose identity remains unknown save to a very few.

The Master P is a long-time student of the Master Zoser, who is also associated with this seventh Council.

Zoser is known as The Master of Healing. An ancient king of Atlantis, Aegypt and India, he is in charge of the Knights of the Solar Cross, also known as the "Cosmic Physicians of Light."

Little is known of Aegypt's early successors to the throne until the reign of King Zoser, or Djoser, at the end of the 3rd dynasty. Zoser's capital was located at Memphis, on the Nile's west bank near the point where the Two Lands met. Imhotep, a master builder, erected Zoser's tomb, the step pyramid of Saqqara. This was the first of Aegypt's pyramids.

Of all the Chohans, only this seventh (physical plane) Council has leaders who are actually found in the history books. Prince Ragoczy appears in official records, and we here present an actual physical plane likeness of Zoser.
.Well, it is a bit worn - But at least it's real! -



. . . .. . . . . . .
7.1 The Great White Lodge . . .It's that Star Again! .... ..

The primary trinity of Sirius that overshadows and informs all White Brotherhood triads.

The officer-guardians of the Great White Brotherhood, in both the Transhimalayan [yin] and Astrum Argentum [yang] streams.

This ashram and its dependents, successors and heirs is often symbolized by, and makes abbreviated use of, the three mystical dots .'.

This is the Great White Lodge of Sirius that is the source-current for the spiritual Orders on Earth, including the Silver Star, Theosophy, the many I Am offerings, Masonry, and all the other metaphysical, arcane and secret societies.

Cooperate with others for overshadowing your downline group.

The powerful secret societies are stratified into seven pyramids of spiritual information, each one topped by a "Secret Chief," a "Prince of the Royal Secret," whose role has been passed along by a few key individuals down through the ages.

7.2 .Avatar . . . Cosmic Consciousness

The Grade of Ipsissimus (A.'.A.'.) or Chohan (Transhimalayan) - is beyond triplicities such as being, non-being, and becoming.

This is Kether (the crown) on The Tree of Life.

The A.'.A.'. rules prohibit disclosure of the attainment of this Grade to anyone.

The Transhimalayan system discourages disclosure of any Grade at any level in the early stages, but seems to openly give out names at higher levels.

Practically speaking, "Avatar" is a title for one who has descended to the core of life and has climbed the mountain of initiation to arrive at a state of expanded awareness called cosmic consciousness.

But technically speaking, an Avatar is born fully awake and retains the awareness of cosmic consciousness throughout his or her entire lifetime.

Adi Da Samraj and Sathya Sai Baba of the Guru Yoga school have openly proclaimed their Avatar status, and Jahl of the I Am school simply stated,
"I Am Here Now - I Am All in All."

. . . . . .. .


.I Am All in All.

Keep it Simple.

7.3 The Magus. . . The Word of the Aeon

The Grade of Magus (A.'. A.'.), or a Master of the Wisdom (Transhimalayan) ... like Djwhal Khul (>).

In certain respects, this is the Logos (knower) of the Aeon (a ±.2000-year timespan).

This ashram is located at Chokmah (wisdom) on The Tree of Life, and this corresponds to the Atmic (atomic or spiritual) plane.

The A.'.A.'. requires disclosure of this Grade to everyone. This is the so-called "Curse of the Grade of Magus - that He must openly declare himself."
. . And then everyone begins to throw stones.

These beings initiate eras. They bring new information, and always find themselves in opposition to the Establishment.

It is said that a Magus (as such) only appears every 2000 years or so, but that "lesser" Magi may appear once every 500 to 700 years in order to keep the magical current of the original Logos "on track."

For example, we are now living in the Aeon of the slain and resurrected Osiris, who was the prototype for various prophets who were killed and yet were said to rise again, including Jesus and Dionysus.


The Great White Brotherhood knew that this patriarchal approach to divine worship would degenerate into totalitarianism (for did not Set slay Osiris and take command), so they sent forth various Magi to thwart the evil Establishment (even as Horus came forth to subdue Set), and in our civilization this included Mohammed and Martin Luther.

. . . . .

Historically, we could list a multitude of magi, but instead we choose to merely set forth the likenesses of Lao Tze (Lao Tzu), Krishna (the incarnation of Vishnu), Siddhartha (Gautama the Buddha), Tahuti (the Aegyptian God of Wisdom - Thoth), Moses (Moshe, founder of the Hebrew system), Dionysus (a form of the Osiris-Jesus prototype), Mohammed (the founder of Islam), and Perdurabo (the emissary of Horus):

. . .

. . .

In any case, the Osiris cycle is rapidly running out of time. The sixth ray that sustains the Guru Yoga devotion of Rome has been gradually fading out of "incarnation" since 1625 AD, and the seventh ray that supports the integrity of the individual, the representative of the solar Son, Horus, has been increasing in potency and effect since 1675 AD (compare these dates to the ending of the Dark Ages).

As can easily be seen, old Set is really hanging on in a most tenacious manner. But who can stand forever against Horus, the fierce Warlord of the Galaxy?

. .

Despite all the lofty rhetoric about the Magus cited above, let's keep in mind that these were all men (not gods) around whose lives fantastic myths have been erected, and that anyone can make personal progress to this level. Just make sure that your efforts support the currently-effective Logos.

.Support Your Local Horus

7.4 Magister. . . The Secret Chiefs

This ashram is often referred to by its mystical title, The City of the Pyramids.

Members include the grades of Magister Templi (A.'.A.'.) and Adept (in the Transhimalayan brotherhood).

The keyword here is Silence, not because the initiate never speaks or writes, but due to the nature of the associated consciousness that requires the complete suppression of roof-brain-chatter (see - 5.4 Squelch).

This is Binah (understanding) on The Tree of Life. It is also known as the Buddhic plane of intuition.

The entry portal to this Grade is called the Crucifixion, or Crossing the Abyss, wherein truth-impeding elements of the ego are dissipated.

Portraits of Magister-Adepts are seemingly difficult to find.
Some people like their privacy.

.Well, they're not called Secret Chiefs because everyone knows who they are.

Obtain a complete understanding of the Universe through Samadhi.


7.5 Adeptus . . . The One and Only Inner Order

The three grades of Adeptus (Minor, Major & Exemptus) of the A.'.A.'., or the single Initiate grade of the Transhimalayan brotherhood, constitute the membership of the so-called "Inner Order" of Arcania.

This is attributed to Tiphereth, Geburah & Chesed on The Tree of Life - the three sub-planes of the Causal plane.

The Adeptus is expected to invoke his or her Solar Angel (Holy Guardian Angel) and then to follow the Angel's guidance in "burning-off" personal karma.

There are many proclaimed "Inner Orders," but there is only one true Inner Order - it transcends all division, and is based in consciousness itself.

Down through the ages, a lot of people have been involved with this Inner Order
.- in one way or another -.

. .

. . .. . . . . . . . .


The Sanctum Sanctorum of
the Inner Order
is located on the
Higher Mental Plane


.Think of it as Oz.

7.6 The Sorcerer . . . The Several Outer Orders

This is a congested, high-population-density area.

The overshadowing ashram stays busy giving support to an almost infinite variety of teachers, systems, ashrams, groups, orders, and the like.

Here we find the Disciple (a Transhimalayan grade) and the Zelator-Practicus-Philosophus of the A.'.A.'..

The location is the Yesod, Hod & Netzach triad on The Tree of Life - which is the same as the lower mind and the emotional-reaction body, which together are called Kama-Manas (desire-mind).

Welcome to the wonders of Las Vegas on the astral plane:

. .

. .


The initiated disciple performs many tasks on the "spiritual" path, but at this level most effort is ego-enhancing and so a subtle form of dark magic. Thus, every member of an Outer Order is a Sorcerer - an egocentric magician who has not yet learned the error of his or her ways.

Somebody has to run these manifold Outer expressions of Reality, and it is often the persona of the head of the ashram that first attracts the seeker of Light.

Some of these leaders were/are sincere and enlightened,
many were/are confused and deviant.
All of them, and their successors, had/have their hands full.

An Outer Order is simply not an Outer Order unless it has a temple, a lodge, an ashram, a place to meet and perform.

. . . .

There are many "Outer Orders." Choose with care.


7.7 The Neophyte . . . "The Center of the Universe."

The Individual Human Unit.

Everyone who has ever taken the first, official step is a member of this ashram.

The process is called being Born Again, Rebirth, The Birth of the Christ in the Cave of the Heart, or just plainly and simply, The First Initiation.

The candidate assumes the grade of Aspirant (in the Transhimalayan brotherhood) and is known as a Neophyte in the A.'.A.'., the S.'.S.'. and many other Orders. The procedure is virtually universal.

This is Malkuth (the Kingdom) on The Tree of Life - it is terra firma, the dense physical plane. The holographic External Reality comes here into full manifestation.

This is 7.7 - the # 49 ashram, the beginning and the end. It is the end of the outflowing, descending energy that originally radiated out from ashram 1.1. It is the beginning of the return journey from matter back into Light.

Let there be no mistake here! Admission to any group through an initiatory ceremony merely bestows honorary membership in this ashram. True membership is reserved only for those who experience the rebirth within their own consciousness, and this is not dependent upon an external organization.

After all, there are many societies that simply are not spiritual in nature.

The Iș ceremony (re-birth) produces the most highly individualized ego-centeredness, consciously overshadowed by The Point 1.1, and thus the candidate realizes and proclaims, "I am the center of the Universe!"

The perfect candidate, truly looking inward for the first time.



The seventh ray supports Arcania,
whose Magickal and Masonic floors
are the bottom-line checkerboard.

.The Supreme Grand Council of Arcania.

.Architectural . Sub-level . . . .


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