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Love is the Law
Council 2
The Second Ray of Love and Wisdom
Love under Will


The Love concept is fairly simple. You come from infinity, where you were originally everything, into time-space, where you are still everything.

Of course, as soon as you are born, you start to develop a separate sense of individualized self. We know it as "ego." The stronger the ego becomes, the less awareness you have of your intimate connection to everything and everyone else. Until, one day, you finally come to suspect that something is missing and you have to ask yourself, "Who am I?"

Then, Synchronicity and the Attractive Principle work together to put you into a situation where your original "oneness" with everything can be realized.

Getting back to your original consciousness is called "Accomplishing the Great Work."
Becoming one with everything else is called, "Samadhi."
These are essentially both the same thing.

The Love that is spoken of is called "Universal Love," or "Unconditional Love." It is said that "Love is the Law - Love under Will." This indicates that right action must first be taken, then cosmic consciousness will follow.

When you are "at one" with everything, your consciousness tracks perfectly in thought, word and deed. This is neither cleverness, nor understanding, nor intuition.

It is Wisdom.


Council number 2 is governed by the second ray of Love and Wisdom.
This is a synthetic ray, thus it always deals with the resolution of duality.
In particular, it gives rise to education and healing.

This ray displays the colors blue and gold as they descend through the causal aura onto the crown of the head in those who incarnate under its influence.

These two colors need to be equal if imbalance is to be avoided. Too much blue (the common imbalance) produces an over-critical attitude, while too much gold results in ineffective optimism.

Among individuals, this is the rarest of all the rays - which is somewhat surprising when we consider that our entire solar system is a manifestation of the second ray. It appears, occasionally, in prophets, avatars, and similar cosmic messengers.





The leader of the 2nd Council holds the title of Bodhisattva, the spiritual head of the planetary hierarchy, and is known as The Teacher of Angels and Men.

Historically, this position has been said to be held by the Lord Maitreya.






However, recent information indicates that Maitreya has moved upward and outward into the realm of the Nirmankaya, and the position of Bodhisattva is now held by his student and disciple, the Master Kuthumi, who is also known to us as Koot Hoomi.



2.1The Star . . . Sanat Kumara

The primary, extraterrestrial and planetary consciousness that sustains all form and sentience.

This ashram is symbolized by Sirius, the dual star-system.

Within an individual, this is the centered (aligned) Seat of Consciousness or Assemblage Point of the human energy field.

Sanat Kumara is the focal point of planetary consciousness. He is known as The Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, and The Planetary Logos.

He is revered in Hinduism as one of the seven sons of Brahma, who are portrayed as youths who have remained pure. The Sanskrit name Sanat Kumara means "always a youth."

Sanat Kumara is the commander and chief of the divine army of the gods. He was born specifically to slay the demon of ignorance (the lower mind).

In southern India, he is known by the name of Subramanya, which means "Dear to the Brahmans," the members of the priestly caste. Every village, even the smallest, has a temple or shrine to Subramanya.

The Master Sanat Kumara is of the Hierarchy of Venus. During earth's darkest hour (17 million years ago), the Kumaras came here to maintain the threefold flame of Life on behalf of earth's people.

This was a time when not a single being on this planet gave adoration to the God Presence.

It is said that four hundred Venusians formed the avant-garde that went ahead of him to build the magnificent retreat of Shamballa on an island in the Gobi Sea where we now find the Gobi Desert.

Sanat Kumara resided in this physical retreat, but he never took on a physical body. Later it became expedient that Shamballa, this wondrous retreat that was upon the physical plane, be withdrawn to etheric levels.

This is where we see the compliment of ashram 1.1 - The Point, which is not extended in any direction. Here, The Star becomes "Light in Extension."

Radiate energy equally in all directions.


2.2 The Matrix. . .Vishnu Narayana

This ashram preserves the Plan for the evolution, involution and preservation of consciousness, groups and systems.

This is the offset Assemblage Point of the human energy field. It allows manifestation and perception of The Matrix.

Here we find the electron of the hydrogen atom. This is duality in the subatomic realm - the introduction to the holographic Matrix ("Reality").

Lord Vishnu, regarded as a major deity in Indian mythology, is the preserver of the universe, while the two other major Hindu gods, Brahma and Shiva, are respectively regarded as the creator and the destroyer of the universe.

Vishnu is described as the all-pervading essence of all beings, the master of the past, present and future, the one who supports, sustains and governs the Universe.

He is described as being the color of dark-blue clouds, four-armed, holding a lotus, a mace, a conch and a chakra (wheel). He is also described as having a Universal Form, which is beyond the ordinary limits of human sense perception.

Vishnu's avatars are ten in number. Nine of these avatars, or "incarnations," have already occurred in the past, with one still to come at the end of Kali Yuga, the age of moral decline in which we now live.

Here we find the essential protocol for initiatory and empowerment systems.

Tune in to the greater plan before making lesser decisions.


2.3 Wang . . .Empowerment and Initiation

The Initiator.

The Transmission of the 2.1 Star primary energy to other ashrams.

The Officer-guardian of Wang [empowerment] consciousness and processes.

The ability to transmit and "lock-in" permanent change.

The sanctuary of the concepts of Applied Empowerment and Instant Initiation.

Amazing grace in its simplest form.

The Theory of Empowerment

The physical body is built upon the Etheric vehicle, which is a network made up of Nadis (lines of force). The Etheric vehicle is the "blueprint" that governs how our physical bodies are built, how they function (including healing and repair), and how we physically appear.

Where two Nadis cross, we have an acupuncture point; where seven Nadis meet, we find a plexus; where twelve or more Nadis intersect, we find a Chakra (center).

Each Nadi, or line of force, is composed of five filaments that are like fiber-optic strands. The filaments in most people are clogged, sluggish, and sporadically conductive. An empowerment attunes and clears these filaments in order to conduct a full flow of energy in a reliable, repeatable manner.

Direct Transmission and Lock-in.


2.4 The System . . .Prototype

The essential pattern, outline, or prototype of various initiatory and empowerment systems.

The ability to "lock-in" permanent change is discovered and applied.

Empowerments and true initiatory events cause one to undergo a permanent, expansive alteration in consciousness, usually accompanied by the ability to stimulate change in other people. There is neither a religious belief system nor spiritual dogma involved.

Many systems have been transmitted for aeons through an unbroken lineage of Lamas and Magisters who have accessed the cosmic energies of the Star.

Lock-in is a function of Will or Intent.


2.5 The Link . . .The Inner Order

This is the ashram of the Sanyasin in action.

There is really only one inner order, common to all systems of development; it resides on the causal plane.

Those who are linked through empowerment to this level possess a healing energy that is associated with the causal body.

This ashram is open to those who have worked extensively with the outer realm energies and whose lives have been transformed thereby.

Their efforts are applied toward moving forward upon the karmic path while working for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

A Sanyasin is a person who has renounced worldly interest in order to live a life of asceticism and seek liberation from reincarnation through meditation.

Within the world brotherhood of the Sanyasin, most are lone wanderers, others live in monasteries, and some are "normally" married with families. This ashram does not really require abandonment of possessions and kin, but it does require that one be "in the world, but not of it."

The sanyasin is the guardian of his or her system, immersed in it constantly, freed from worldly considerations and distractions, able to perform work and worship in unbroken continuity.

Follow the impersonal energetic lineage back to the source.

2.6 The Abbot . . . Sanctuary on the Mental Plane

This ashram is situated in the astral realm, but provides a stable reference point on the mental plane that is (simply put) only as effective as one's dharana.

Here the practitioner deals with overshadowing, concentration (dharana), and astral projection.

An Abbot is the head of a monastery or an outer order - the actual title will vary with the culture and the language.

You must climb the mountain twice: Once by day and once by night ...

The second time you must bring someone with you.

2.7 The Healer . . .The Practitioner

These are the teachers, the spiritual counselors and the health-care practitioners.

Practitioners promote health; they do not treat "disease" unless they have an Establishment healthcare license.
This is a simple, legal definition..

Practitioners with an Establishment spiritual license (minister, priest, shaman, etc) can always cast out demons.
This is the same as "healing.".

The Mechanism of Healing

Healing energy is directed through the following four mechanisms
(plus the One Essential Quality):

Intention - Thought - Vision - Pointing - Detachment

Intention is a form of Will. Intention precedes, gives rise to, and governs the other four mechanisms.

Thought - pure, focused consciousness - is an expression of the Mind.
"Energy follows the mind."

Energy also follows the vision, and vision governs the direction and strength of projected energy.

Pointing further directs the energy.

The Essential Quality is Detachment.

Detachment is perhaps the ultimate Key to healing, the application of energy through non-doing.

This is called. "Being detached from the result."
For the best result, it is required in the healer and in the patient.

Inauspiciously, conflict with the (medical) Establishment.

.Auspiciously, a prosperous healing practice.




The second ray gives rise to Buddhism
whose upturned-roof-corner temples sweep away malignant demons.


Architectural . Sub-level . . . .