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Council 3
The Third Ray of Active Intelligence
Fire by Friction


This Council expresses itself through the energy of rotary motion, which is caused by the fire latent in matter itself.

This fire causes the atom to revolve and through the subsequent momentum to repulse other atoms. It is therefore the basis of diversity, of separation, and of individuality. This action is known as Fire by Friction.

Rotary motion is inherent throughout the holographic matrix - atoms, planets, solar systems and galaxies all revolve and rotate, and within their perimeters we find an overwhelming variety of individualized differentiation.

. . . .


Council number 3 is governed by the third ray of Active Intelligence.

This ray displays a green color as it descends through the causal aura onto the crown of the head in those who incarnate under its influence.

The ashrams of the third council give rise to ideas that benefit humanity. They allow for the regulation of time and activities in order to permit group energies to grow. Ideally, this is inherent, objective intelligence - ready to be used in service in all ways.

Among individuals, this is a very common ray. It gives rise to people who are capable of being representatives of God the Business Man.



The leader of the 3rd Council holds the title of Mahachohan, and is known as The Lord of Civilization.

Historically, this position was said to be held by a Venusian Lord, the last of the extraterrestrials that originally formed our planetary hierarchy.

Within the past century, the European Master, the Count of Saint Germain, rose into this exalted position to complete the human staffing of the White Brotherhood.

3.1 Singularity . . . Above and Beyond

Before (and after) incarnation, there is the realm of the Logos.

This is the primordial consciousness known as the Adi (Adi Buddha) ->

This ashram is symbolized by the Tai Chi emblem.

Upon the (inward) mystical Path of Return, yin & yang merge into Nothing. Within the Black Hole of Nothingness, there is a Singularity that is "the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star," as liber AL so eloquently describes it. This flame cannot be "known" by any living person.

Upon the (outward) magical Path of Manifestation, nothing expresses itself as yin & yang.

This ashram is the Office of The Mahacohan,
the Lord of Civilization.

3.2 Superstring ..... Vibration in Ten Dimensions

This ashram is the Administration Section of The Mahachohan's Office.

The Singularity (3.1) extends itself in ten dimensions, oscillating the spheres of the Tree of Life into manifestation.

This is Kether, and it is here that the Mothership is based.

Every man and every woman is a Starship.

3.3 The Line. . . . . . Alignment to Atma

The Line appears in Ain Soph, the realm of the Nirmanakaya. It also appears in the realm of the lower self. Here, in this ashram, the Line appears in alignment with Atma, the Universal Self.

Alignment at this level (Chokmah) bestows Wisdom, and is referenced by the concept of "Doing your True Will."

. . . . . . . . . .

3.4 The Quantum Circuit . . . Transition

This is the eighth neuro-circuit. No biological container is required.

A100% out-of-the-body (OOB) experience. The "near-death" episode.

Here we also find the concepts of instant healing and spontaneous illumination.

This ashram provides transition from one reality to another.

3.5 The Complex . . . Mental Order and Disorder

This ashram is complicated, due to the diversity of the Mind. Reading through this lengthy cubit, the lower aspects of Mind are presented first, because this is the order in which they must be controlled.

First comes the limbic brain system (the "concrete" mind).

Then comes the complex (complicated) issues related to societal programming (also known as cultural bias).

Next, there is the matter of connecting with our higher (abstract) mental awareness, which has three aspects (Tipareth, Geburah, Chesed):

The Holistic circuit
The Electric circuit
The Akashic circuit.

Thus ...

The Lower (Concrete) Mind
The Manual - Verbal Neurocircuit

Manual Dexterity and Verbal Expression are both governed by the same neurological circuit.

Our abilities in these dexterity-speech matters were imprinted when we were in the "monkey" stage - that is, when we first began to move around with curiosity and started to talk and to grasp objects.

This is the ability (or disability) to manipulate words and/or tools, so that we (hopefully) might improve and enlarge our view of reality.

There is significant variation here. Some people are good with both their verbal expression and their manual dexterity. Some are good with their speech, but are "klutzes" with their hands. Some have problems in speaking, but are "wizards" with their ability to manipulate physical objects. Finally, a few cannot verbally express themselves and are also unable to fix anything.

Mental imprints cause one to assume a "bright" or "dull" ability to verbally express and/or to manually operate human artifacts.

This imprint is enhanced by caffeine, a high protein diet and/or pharmaceutical stimulants.


The Subconscious Mind

The Social, Sexual Neurocircuit

The socio-sexual consciousness is conditioned by tribal taboos and social customs.

Religious organizations aggressively seek to program this circuit in children, especially the ages of 11-13.

Triggered by the neurochemical hormones of puberty, this fourth neuro-circuit establishes a "respectable" or an "outlaw" stance in relation to social customs.

To avoid conflict, one is expected to maintain social interaction and sexual behavior within contemporary social law, common customs and established moral behavior.

Because if you don't ... it isn't very pretty what a society without pity will do to you.

This cultural bias is imprinted at a subconscious level, and coming to balanced terms with it is the hardest task upon the Path.

Note that various cultures differ widely. In Ancient Aegypt, one was expected to marry one's sister. In Altruistic America, such activity will see you installed in a jail cell. The only factor that remains constant amongst all cultures is that they each have some sort of rigid regulations governing socio-sexual behavior.


The Abstract) Mind

The Holistic Neurocircuit

The fifth neuro-programming-zone is known as the Holistic circuit.

It bestows harmony, which actually is based on a blurring of the boundary between the lower mind and the higher mind.

This circuit, or state of awareness is activated by romantic love, pranayama, dhyana (meditation), zero-gravity, a flotation tank, extensive intense physical activity, cannabis intoxication, and many other similar hedonistic practices.

It is typified by a "floating" feeling, a sense of being "high."

Your feet are not even touching the ground.


The Abstract) Mind

The Electric Neurocircuit

This circuit is devoted to the overriding and modification of pre-programmed consciousness.

Programmed consciousness will remain unchanged throughout a person's lifetime unless altered by some form of Metaprogramming.

There are other terms that define this procedure, but the concept remains the same. Unchanged reality is sometimes defined as being "stuck in a rut."

This is the seventh neuro-circuit - it involves the construction of a new reality tunnel. This is also called a "Paradigm Shift."

The techniques of this circuit are simply too powerful to project onto normal humanity without wrapping them extensively in a genuine sense of humor.

Nothing can be changed without modifying our viewpoint (Assemblage Point.) of Reality.

Move your Assemblage Point - Change the World!

. . . .



The Abstract) Mind

The Akashic Neurocircuit. . .

Back to the Future

This is the ancestral memory of everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen in future space-time.

The sixth, Akashik, neurocircuit confers the ability to work along specific evolutionary lines with "memory."

This ashram offers visions, concepts, and experiences brought to you courtesy of karmatic synchronicity.


3.6 The Territory . . . Dominating the Gameboard

This ashram deals with territorial dominance or passiveness.

Emotional imprints cause us to assume a dominant or a passive attitude in relation to others.

This emotional-astral imprinting took place when we reached the "toddler" stage, that is, when we first stood upright and began to walk.

This is the second neuro-circuit - The major, underlying concern of the emotional consciousness is to acquire or relinquish territory or status (emotional territory).

The emotional attitude can be read in body language and voice tones.

The emotional position of the ego is enhanced by alcohol.

3.7 The Survivor . . . Gimme Money!

The goal of this ashram is survival, which essentially means obtaining nourishment and avoiding death.

In modern times, this is accomplished by accumulating money, for money is the key to contemporary nourishment.

This ashram deals with the first neuro-circuit - Moving forward toward that which is nourishing, and moving away from that which is threatening.

Two primary systems attempt to reprogram this physical-body imprint. One is some forms of Psychology, the other is Martial Arts.

The physical imprint is sedated by tranquilizers, opium derivatives, and (interestingly) massage.



The third ray gives rise to Chaldean,
Assyrian, Babylonian structures
.These people were into BIG.


.The Ziggurat of Ur.

Architectural . Sub-level . . . .